Disturbing Things You Never Knew About Ivanka’s Relationship With Donald Trump

If you’ve ever watched or listened to one of Donald Trump’s interviews, it’s obvious that he is fond of his daughter Ivanka. However, many of his statements about her go beyond admiration and are so inappropriate that they’re disturbing. His jokes about having a relationship with her beyond a father-daughter partnership are quite unsettling.

Here are seven disturbing things Donald Trump has said about Ivanka.

1. Donald Trump said he would date his own daughter

Donald Trump sits with his daughter Ivanka in an interview.

Is this something that a normal father would say? | Giphy

It’s one thing to say your daughter is beautiful, but it’s a whole different story when you talk about actually being in a romantic relationship with her. When Trump appeared on talk show The View, he told the hosts, “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

One of the show’s hosts told him to stop it and another jokingly referred to him as Woody Allen. In the early 90s, the filmmaker was involved in a scandal where it was uncovered he was having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend’s adoptive daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Allen was also accused of sexually abusing his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow.

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2. Trump said it was OK for Howard Stern to Call Ivanka a ‘piece of ass’

Donald Trump gives two thumbs up while speaking in front of a microphone.

He isn’t a prude when it comes to sexualizing his daughter. | Giphy

Donald Trump was a little too comfortable with Howard Stern during one of his radio interviews. When the topic turned to Ivanka’s beauty, things got a little weird. Most fathers would be offended by questions about their daughter’s body, but Trump seems to welcome them. At one point in the interview, Stern asked if it was OK to call Ivanka a “piece of ass,” and Trump quickly agreed.

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3. He’s also willing to engage in conversation about Ivanka’s breasts

Donald Trump speaks into a microphone while addressing the public and the press.

He’s never been shy about doing this one thing. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

It’s not unusual for a father to be proud of his daughter, but there are certainly limits. In another interview with Howard Stern, Trump described Ivanka as voluptuous. He even talked about younger daughter Tiffany Trump’s breasts in an interview with Robin Leach for the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous when Tiffany was just 1-year-old.

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4. He calls Ivanka ‘hot’

Donald Trump points at his daughter while they sit on a couch during an interview.

Is this going too far? | Giphy

Another disturbing fact is that Trump often refers to his daughter as “hot.” In a New York Times article, it was reported that during the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant, when Ivanka was just 16 years old, Trump turned to the woman who was Miss Universe at the time, Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee, and said, “don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?”

This is something you might hear coming from your partner, not your father. It is expected that fathers are supposed to love and protect their daughters, not ogle them.

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5. Trump said his favorite thing he and Ivanka have in common is sex

Ivanka Trump delivers a speech while wearing a pink dress.

We wonder how Ivanka Trump feels about this. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

During an interview with talk show host Wendy Williams, Trump was asked what favorite thing he and Ivanka have in common. Ivanka responded that they have business and golf in common. However, Trump didn’t take long to turn an innocent question into something highly inappropriate. He responded by saying the one favorite thing he and Ivanka have in common is sex.

Considering scandals like the one involving Woody Allen and his adoptive daughter, that answer would make most people take pause.

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6. Trump even joked about having sex with is daughter

Donald Trump emerges from a group of men and proudly adjusts his suit.

What he said about his daughter was shocking. | Giphy

If you thought it was shocking that the president said he would date his daughter, you’ll be even more shocked to hear he’s alluded to wanting to much more than just date Ivanka. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Trump continues to make inappropriate comments about his daughter. He is quoted as saying, “yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”

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7. He repeatedly makes comments about Ivanka’s body

Ivanka Trump surprised as she sits down during an interview.

She might even be used to his comments at this point. | Giphy

No matter what the topic is, somehow Trump manages to veer the conversation toward his daughter’s looks and how much he enjoys her beauty. Ivanka’s appearance seems to always be top of mind for President Trump. During his interview with the hosts of The View and during interviews with Howard Stern, Trump often mentions how much he likes Ivanka’s figure.

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