The longest tree in the world

Ténére Tree (fr. Arbre du Ténéré) - acaciawhich was once considered the most lonely tree on earth. Grew in the desert Tenere (northeastern Niger, on the border Saharas); within a radius of 400 km from it there was not a single other tree. Its approximate coordinates - 17 ° 45′00 ″ with. sh. 10 ° 04′00 ″ c. d. (G)

The tree became known in the early 1930s, when it became the object of attention of naturalists and geographers; before that, for more than a decade, it had been a stop for trade caravans moving along the trade routes of the Sahara. Scientists found out that the age of acacia was about 300 years. Various hypotheses were constructed regarding the unique position of the Tenere tree, most often it is believed that it is the remainder of the forest that disappeared as a result of rapid climate change and desertification.

Acacia was hit by a truck driven by a drunk Libyan driver in 1973. On November 8 of the same year, the remains of the tree were transferred to the National Museum of Niger in the capital of the state, the city of Niamey. At the place where it stood, a metal monument in the shape of a tree was erected.

Tenere Tree Tenere Tree Tenere Tree