Section IV. Natural parks

On natural parks, see also:
Federal Law of January 10, 2002 N 7-ФЗ, "On Environmental Protection";
Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation of August 10, 1993 N 769

Section 18. General Provisions

1. Natural parks are environmental protection recreational institutions that are under the jurisdiction of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation whose territories (waters) include natural complexes and objects of significant ecological and aesthetic value, and are intended for use for environmental, educational and recreational purposes.

2. Territories of natural parks are located on lands granted to them for indefinite (permanent) use, in some cases on the lands of other users, as well as owners.

3. The following tasks are assigned to natural parks:

a) the preservation of the natural environment, natural landscapes;

b) the creation of conditions for recreation (including mass) and the preservation of recreational resources;

c) development and implementation of effective methods of nature conservation and maintaining the ecological balance in the conditions of recreational use of the territories of natural parks.

Article 19. Procedure for the formation of natural parks

1. The decision on the formation of natural parks is taken by the state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the proposal of the federal executive authorities in the field of environmental protection.

2. The creation of natural parks, associated with the withdrawal of land or water spaces used for national needs, is carried out by a decision of the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in coordination with the Government of the Russian Federation.

Article 20. Peculiarities of the legal status of natural parks

1. Natural parks are legal entities that do not have profit-making as a goal, that is, they are non-profit organizations and are created in the form of an environmental protection institution funded from the budget of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

2. The means of natural parks that they dispose of in accordance with the established procedure are the following funds received by the directorates of natural parks:

a) on account of compensation for damage caused by the activities of individuals and legal entities;

b) from recreational, advertising, publishing and other activities that do not contradict the objectives of natural parks;

c) in the form of gratuitous assistance to individuals and legal entities, including foreign citizens and international organizations.

3. Effective from January 1, 2005

Article 21. The regime of special protection of natural parks

1. On the territories of natural parks, various regimes of special protection and use are established depending on the ecological and recreational value of natural sites.

2. On the basis of this, in the territories of natural parks, environmental, recreational, agro-economic and other functional areas can be distinguished, including zones of protection of historical and cultural complexes and objects.

3. On the territories of natural parks, activities that entail a change in the historically established natural landscape, a reduction or destruction of the ecological, aesthetic and recreational qualities of natural parks, a violation of the maintenance of historical and cultural monuments are prohibited.

4. Within the boundaries of natural parks, activities that entail a reduction in the ecological, aesthetic, cultural and recreational value of their territories may be prohibited or limited.

5. The issues of socio-economic activities of legal entities located on the territories of natural parks and their protected zones, as well as projects for the development of human settlements, are coordinated with natural parks.

6. The specific features, zoning and regime of each natural park are determined by the regulations on this natural park approved by the state authorities of the respective constituent entities of the Russian Federation in coordination with the federal executive body in the field of environmental protection and the relevant local governments.

In cities of federal significance in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the powers of local self-government bodies of intracity municipalities to participate in the coordination of regulations on natural parks are determined taking into account the specifics of organizing local self-government in cities of federal significance stipulated by federal law.